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Our approach

We believe that the best stories are meaningful, useful and beautiful.

We are Graphic

  • A group of writers, developers and designers who are passionate about information design.

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But here's what makes us different.

  • We believe that the information is just as important as the design. They are equal partners

  • Information

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  • You can create a set of beautiful visuals but nobody will look for very long if your story is confusing.

  • Alternatively, you can have a riveting story but nobody will notice if it's poorly designed and executed

This takes us to the heart of how we work.

The first part of any project involves us analysing and understanding our client's data.

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Then we think hard about the client's audience

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  • What box


  • When clock


  • Why question


  • How cogs


do they need this information? Often there are time and cost considerations to factor in too.

Only after this period of exploration do we recommend a set of solutions that can deliver the right information in the right medium for the right audience.


    Infographics Infographics

    Interactives Interactives

    Animations Animations

    Websites Websites

As we work, we always share our progress with our clients, refining both content and design to ensure the message is clear, useful and engaging.